The Upbringing And Usefullness Of LAN

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The Upbringing And Usefullness Of LAN

What are LAN Messengers?

LAN messages are as complex and interesting as the internet itself because of its ability to act as a program for computers to send instant messages to one another in a split second. This is a unique kind of messaging ability that does not actually require the internet as a connection by any stretch of the means. It is usually excluded in between the people enclosed by a firewall and it just so happens that these are what makes LAN messaging stand out from the traditional programs that may allow for people to message each other but in a group setting that is not protected by a fire wall and also requires an internet connection of some way shape or form to even get it off of the ground. For the LAN messaging program this could be used for many purposes and ends such as private messages, file transfers, chat rooms, and emojis. The identification of the LAN messager also serves as its greatest edge over normal messaging units because of the pre stated mention that the LAN messaging system does not require any sort of internet connection at all and is made more private and secure due to the fire wall that is always surrounding the LAN messaging program. The other dead beat programs do not compare to the LAN messaging system and it is because of its many useful benefits that makes this program king of messaging and security while doing so.

The history of LAN

Unix talk command was the enevitable precursor to LAN messenger and its purpose was its ability to use only one interface to enable multiple users to talk to one another at the same time. Novell Netware came out next and was used to provide a chat service for those who wish to talk on a more person to person basis. Novell Netware was a program for the DOS so it was required that a protocol suite was to be used. Netware for windows was similar to windows messenger and win pop up because of its broadcast style and targeted messaging system. Win pop up was a smaller program like LAN messenger which was installed for windowers messenger. The purpose of win pop up was that it allowed for short and brief text messages to be sent and received to and from users within the vicinity of one another. This technology improved more and more with the windows messenger upgrade which allowed received messages to come up as little tiny boxes but as time went on the once renown upgrade had privacy holes. This was good for LAN messenger because it became a messaging staple for Apple the computer company and by using LAN messenger in conjunction with a program Apple uses called Bonjour the security of the system can remain intact while the people can enjoy messaging at instantaneous speeds. The LAN messenger program has been a useful tool in our human evolution when getting involved in ever increasing far out technology.