Streaming services and traditional TV, what are the main differences?

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July 14, 2018
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Streaming services and traditional TV, what are the main differences?

For anyone who has not used streaming services before, among them also being free sites like 123movies, they may be wondering why tens of millions of people have now signed up for them.

After all, they cannot be much different than most traditional TV services, can they? Surely they are more expensive as well?

Flexible services — Most cable companies make you sign contracts that lock you into their services for a year or more at a time.

With streaming services, however, you do not have a contract. That means you can sign up one month and cancel the service at the end of the month. You will not pay any fees or penalties for doing so, and you can re-register whenever you want to.

Customized and non-customized viewing — With a traditional cable service, you can only watch what the cable company is airing that month. You will also experience certain parts of the week where there is nothing on TV that you want to watch.

With a streaming service, however, you can customize your viewing and watch what you want when you want to watch it. You can even set up playlists so you can play the next thing on your list as soon as you have finished watching the first one.

For people who love to always have something to watch, and to be able to watch it at a time that is convenient for them, streaming services win hands down.

Back to back episodes — With cable TV, you have to wait for the next episode in a series to air.

With streaming services, all of the episodes are already available. This means you can watch back to back episodes whenever you want, and even binge watch the entire series in just a few days.

Affordability — The cost of cable TV gets more expensive every year. The cost of streaming services tends to be about one tenth the cost, and the price rarely goes up.

When you also consider you can watch most streaming services on several devices concurrently, that means your entire family can watch a streaming service at the same time for the same low monthly cost.

When you also compare the cost of streaming services to the cost of taking your family to see a movie, you will see quickly how cheap they are.

Unusual TV shows and movies — Most streaming services are catering to millions of people with widely different viewing tastes. This is why there is a plethora of unusual TV shows and movies to watch on them.

With traditional TV, on the other hand, the content tends to be less varied and far less interesting to watch if you tend to veer towards the more unusual.

Watching away from home — Most traditional TV shows do not allow you to watch away from home, as you have to be home with your TV on to be able to watch.

With streaming services, however, you can download them onto your device and take them with you. Allowing you to watch your favorite shows no matter where you may be.