Racing Games for Sony PlayStation

Formula One Racing
October 29, 2016

Racing Games for Sony PlayStation

Racing is a popular sport among men and women. However, it can be a dangerous sport that has a number of hazards. The good thing is that gaming consoles have provided a safer alternative for people who love racing. Racing games since the 1990s in the different PlayStation consoles.

Crash Team Racing

Because of the popularity of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racign is a spinoff of the popular game. This time around, it takes in form of a kart racing video game. Developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony, it was released in the latter part of 1999 to January 2000. The game’s premise is quite simple and absurd at the same time. The goal of the game is to race against Nitros Oxide in order to save the planet. The Crash Team Racing is available in different racing modes including arcade, adventure and time trial.

Gran Turismo Series

Gran Turismo Series has been running for quite some time now. It is considered by many as the best racing game series not only for PlayStation but for other consoles as well. A racing game that started in 1997, it has evolved to what it is today even in the latest PlayStation 4 console.

After five years of since the first Gran Turismo was made, it has been able to sell 10.85 million copies all over the world. It is considered as the best-selling PlayStation game in 2013. And just how good is this racing game? It is critically acclaimed and even had a 95% rating in GameRating. This makes Gran Turismo the highest rated racing video game of all time.

maxresdefaultNASCAR Thunder 2003

EA Sports is popular when it comes to providing high quality sports video games. This is a historic video game because it was the very first time NASCAR featured their most popular driver award recipient to be the cover of the magazine.

This game offered great graphics for its time, not to mention a good number of options from Season Mode to Career Mode. And just like other EA games, it has decent gaming controls.

F1 2015

Considered as one of the best racing games over the last two years, F1 2015 is the seventh Formula 1 racing video game. This game includes players and all the circuits in 2014. This game’s graphics allow you to experience F1 game like no other. It also has a Pro-season mode that is a bit complex than your typical game. Because of the popularity of this game, it was also available in Microsoft Windows along with Xbox One.

There are a number of racing video games released on the PlayStation consoles over the years. If you’ll look at the niche that the racing games captured, it was able to get the attention of not only car enthusiasts but even those hardcore gaming fans.

When buying a video game, it is a good idea to look into several factors. One, it should have superb graphics. PlayStation 4 allows game developers to make the games as close to reality as possible. And of course, always check the reviews when it comes to its gameplay.