Lottery 101

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September 12, 2018
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Lottery 101

Be Aware of the Best Places to Play Online

Playing the lottery online is a great way to have your hands in multiple drawings at once. But it is still important to know when and where to buy tickets. Finding the right place to buy tickets is more than just picking the most popular website. It is about getting a collection of websites that complement one another. A good example of this is combining a website that is popular internationally with one that is known locally. Often, local lottery ticket websites are goldmines that are passed over by frequent users. Concentrating solely on the big jackpot lottery will lower the percentage of getting any actual winnings. And even after you get your lottery websites set up, it is a good idea to rotate one out/in once a month. The key is to keep things fresh so that there is always a wildcard that could win you money.

Consider Using an Online Lottery Agent

Automated services for lottery tickets are well known online. They are still underused, just like local lottery websites, e.g. Lotto Online. The benefit of an online lottery agent is that it has better overall reach. In countries or states where certain tickets are restricted, an online lottery agent serves as the intermediary to purchase tickets on the buyer’s behalf. It is 100% legal, and a major tool that should be used by all online lottery participants. Not only does it save time, but it is as secure as it gets for third party purchasing of online lottery tickets. And if you win, the service automatically sends you a message and deposits the money into your account. For larger winnings, the company will contact the ticket purchaser with direct instructions on how to claim their prize. It is an invaluable service that doesn’t really add much money on top of the already low priced lottery tickets. If you already have a number of places that you purchase from online, a lottery agent could serve as your ace in the hole. Remember, the true power of an online lottery agent is getting past the many restrictions that prevent buyers from participating. The automated services are the icing on an already delicious cake.

Knowing Cutoffs Will Improve Your Chances of Winning

The third and final tip to winning an online lottery is to be aware of cutoffs. Each state has its own cutoff date and time. If you plan to use a lottery agent, they will also have their own cutoff times. That means there are two different set of rules that can applies to the same lottery ticket. Based on your purchase habits, this can get tricky if you are not aware of the times. Major lotteries have cutoffs that are easy to track. Lesser known lotteries require constant awareness so that you don’t miss the draw date. Website slowness/outages can be another factor if the site gets hit with heavy traffic. Think of the cutoff dates as a ‘need to know’ rather than the best time to buy a ticket. Waiting until the last minute doesn’t improve your chances of winning.