How to easily install Chrome OS onto a PC

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April 16, 2019

How to easily install Chrome OS onto a PC

People that do not require to do much more on a PC than read email and surf the Internet can easily use a PC with a Chrome OS installed. Especially if they own a PC that has low specs, and not enough power to run Windows 10.

If you already own a PC without an operating system, then installing Chrome OS on it is a good idea. After all, it does not take very long and, once installed, will allow you to get online and start surfing.

How much does the Chrome OS cost? — The Chrome OS is actually a closed source software program that is fully owned and licensed by Google. That means, unless you are using a PC with it already installed, it is impossible to get.

That is where an operating system called Chromium OS comes in.

Chromium OS is almost identical to Chrome OS. The only difference is that it is an open source program, meaning anyone can download it, install it onto a PC and use it.

In order to be able to install Chromium OS onto a PC, however, you will need a copy of the operating system. That can be obtained by going online, and downloading it from a website that offers it.

Downloading Chromium OS — Download the Chrome OS image file directly to either the computer you will be installing it on, or to another PC with a USB port.

Once downloaded, you should transfer the program to a USB stick.

How to install Chrome OS onto a PC — Once Chrome OS, or in this case Chromium OS, is on the USB stick, you have two choices.

You can either use the operating system directly from the USB stick, or you can actually install it to your PC.

Do be warned, however, if you do choose the latter it will delete the operating system you already have on the computer, along with all your files. That means you should make a backup of everything on your computer before installing Chromium OS.

Running Chrome OS from a USB stick — If you decide to run it from a USB stick, all you have to do is boot your computer directly from the USB. The first time you use it, a screen will appear with the Chromium OS set up information.

Just follow the instructions and set up your account as you would like to run it from now on.

Installing Chrome OS onto a PC — If you do want to install Chrome OS on PC, however, that is slightly more complicated.

This requires you to boot your PC from the USB and, once the set up screen appears, hit the buttons CRTL + ALT + F2 at the same time.

You will then be asked for login information, which is ‘chronos’.

At the next screen, enter the command /usr/sbin/chromeos-install. Your computer will then go to work installing Chromium OS onto it.